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Every day started the same: Jakarta Transportation Agency head Andri Yansyah said the agency would also enlist more officers in areas affected by the odd even policy. Their revolt was followed by that be escorted with the Hottentots at other missionary stations; and part of the Hottentots of the Cape Mounted Rifles followed their example, including the very men who had escorted the governor from Fort Cox. Explore the year a word first appeared. See ex - 1correct ]. The annual female escort pics caravan gainesville swingers fla haj, numbering some people with Io, pack animals, is escorted by a few Be escorted with irregulars known as agel; small fortified posts have been established at the regular halting-places some 30 m.
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In all haste Liszt procured a passport and escorted his guest as far as Eisenach. Valhalla, the paradise whither the heroes who fell in battle were escorted , was situated there. In he became rear-admiral, and in December escorted the expeditionary force to Lisbon. Henry Hardy , escorted by the Harwich destroyers "Tempest" and "Tetrarch," arrived off the coast.

According to Herodotus, two maidens, Opis and Arge, and later two others, Hyperoche and Laodice, escorted by five men, called by the Delians Perpherees, were sent by the Hyperboreans with certain offerings to Delos. On the 24th of April, as she approached Edinburgh, Bothwell accordingly met her at the head of Boo spearmen, assured her as she afterwards averred that she was in the utmost peril, and escorted her, together with Huntly, Lethington and Melville, who were then in attendance, to Dunbar Castle.

The general was quiet as he escorted them to one of the squat buildings and inside. Every day started the same: The new empress was escorted into France by Queen Caroline Murat, for whom she soon conceived a feeling of distrust. In he escorted his father's remains to Hungary, and the following year resolved to settle in his native land and took the oath of allegiance. When dinner was over, Alex escorted her out the door, leaving the rest of the party talking in low tones.

Phelim resigned the northern command in his favour, and escorted him from Lough Swilly to Charlemont. By them he was escorted to the praetorian camp, where, after a few moments of surprise and indecision, he was saluted imperator. In early days Mexican and American military detachments escorted the caravans on either side of the international line. Dustin escorted the man into the mansion, and Pierre wrapped an arm around her as she sagged. If not for the scars on her neck and those of the woman she escorted out this morning … "What happened to your arm?

She was escorted with great ceremony to Moscow in and exhibited to the people attired in the splendid, old-fashioned robes of a tsaritsa; but years of rigid seclusion had dulled her wits, and her best friends soon convinced themselves that a convent was a much more suitable place for her than a throne.

The recruits who draw unlucky numbers at 19 years of age are seldom called up till they are 23, when they are summoned by name and escorted by a policeman to Cairo. When going to solemn ceremonies he is carried on the sedia, a portable chair of red velvet with a high back, and escorted by two flabelli of peacock feathers.

On the day of public procession - the last took place in or - naked priests and " wives" escorted the company with songs and dances; death was the penalty of those caught peering from their houses, and, apart from this, the natives feared loathsome diseases should they gaze upon the sacred scene. A secret combination was formed with the Kaffirs to take up arms to sweep the Europeans away and establish a Hottentot republic.

Within a fortnight of the attack on Colonel Mackinnon the Kat river Hottentots were also in arms. Their revolt was followed by that of the Hottentots at other missionary stations; and part of the Hottentots of the Cape Mounted Rifles followed their example, including the very men who had escorted the governor from Fort Cox.

Marching north with 36, men he entered Rome and forced Henry to retire, but an emeute of the citizens led to a three days' sack of the city May , after which Guiscard escorted the pope to Rome. She was like a walking rectangle with a bird face, and she got outright hostile towards the beautiful women she escorted out of his home every morning.

A richly caparisoned ass, on which was seated the prettiest girl in the town holding in her arms a baby or a large doll, was escorted with much pomp from the cathedral to the church of St Etienne. On the 28th of May the coffin, preceded by the two Houses of Parliament and escorted by the chief magnates of the realm, was carried from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.

In , after he had been attacked and maltreated in the streets of Rome during a procession, he escaped to the king at Paderborn, and Charles sent him back to Italy escorted by some of his most trusted servants. He was arrested at the coup d'etat, was sent to Mazas, and then escorted out of France. Thus leaning on his uncle, he was escorted back to the hostel. They escorted him all the way to his eighty-thousand-dollar home.

He seemed to have escorted the other to the spot, and then to have left him there to do the job single-handed.

Dinney and Hunkie escorted Gloria to the end of the street and back. Whom Defarge escorted to the top of the stairs, and, leaving seated there, returned. The sense of "person accompanying another to a social occasion" is Synonyms Examples Word Origin. An escort of sailors accompanied the queen.

The president traveled with a large escort of motorcycle police. See ex- 1 , correct. Related Words for escorted protect , accompany , bring , drag , usher , carry , guide , steer , shepherd , convoy , attend , lead , show , chaperon , company , squire , direct , bear , see , conduct.

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Thus leaning on his uncle, he was escorted back to the hostel. In the First Civil War they were to be found in both camps, and the murderers of Caesar were escorted to the Capitol by gladiators. An acquaintance of mine said the other day that he was doubtless the only American visitor to the Exposition who had had the high honor of being escorted by the Emperor's bodyguard. Translation of escort Nglish: All synonyms and antonyms for escort Spanish Central: McNeill said her students had so little freedom that they even had to be escorted to the bathrooms.
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