Dating a stewardess

How do you find good friends? Flight benefits are the pre-engagement gifts or promise rings of the airline world — they mean commitment. The spring will come. As I dating a stewardess up to throw some clothes on realizing Dating a stewardess forgot to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, and that I was in just underwear, San bernardino escorts riverside quickly got dressed and answered. To us, these leads into our personal lives.
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It was more stable then what you kids would call a 'booty-call,' because it was constantly there for you every night. It was better then a significant other because Paris never nags you or tells you to clean up after yourself.

And as the legendary Audrey Hepburn once said, "Paris is always a good idea. But I'll stop boring you now of how once upon a time there was my favorite Paris trip, and now there is not, and move on to the answers to those two seemingly frustrating questions everyone seems to always ask me.

Yes, having a relationship with some one who is a flight attendant is hard. But come to think about it, having a relationship with all of you who are not flight attendants is actually in reality, way harder. You are the difficult ones, not us.

You are forced to go to work Monday to Friday, nine to five, week after week, month after month. I could not even tell you how many hours are in-between nine to five? However, I can tell you what a Caracas turn around out of Kennedy is worth, Or I can tell you that a Cancun, Mexico turn is worth 8.

And a Port au Prince, Haiti turn? Well that's a gem because it is worth 8 and a half hours and lands before dinner. You may be wondering where I am going with these turns ironically nowhere , and I am getting there. See, when you are a flight attendant your monthly projection of flight hours varies tremendously, but is usually scheduled between seventy to eighty, for the most part. If you held a line of Caracas turns remember those are worth And what exactly does that mean?

In a thirty-one day contractual month, you are working seven to eight days out of thirty-one. The rest of the month? Well, we are off. I just recently discovered the beauty of international turns, and since then have been parading on to my work wife Ivey just how much I love them. I mean, I really love them. The hours are long, the day itself is never-ending, but the day reaps with flight hours, the crews are amazing most are very senior mothers just trying to work and raise kids , and the destinations usually coincide with easy-going vacationing crowds.

And while these turns may just be Gods next gift to the universe after my late Paris trip, just know these turns come with a price. Sadly, one needs about thirty years of seniority to be able to hold these each month.

I for one, now bid for schedules that have the least amount of days working, and go from there. This gives me the flexibility to somewhat alter and customize my schedule to my liking based on what may be going on in my life that month. Usually I do end up with schedules that have twelve or thirteen days working, which still gives me more then half of the month off to do what I want with my schedule.

So who said we were the ones that are always away working? And then cue the rumors of flight attendants being promiscuous on layovers, and not being faithful to whom they are dating. Most of our layovers are so short, and we are beyond exhausted by the time we get there usually working one long-haul leg, or a few short-haul legs , that all we want to do is put our pajamas on, crawl into bed, and order room service when we get to the hotel room. In fact, I can begin to recite the "Color your Palate" room service menu that the Sheraton offers you order the salmon with the truffle mashed potatoes if it is available , but I will save you from the boring intricacies.

Point is, I've ordered room service more times then I'd like to admit, and if I'm too tired to leave my hotel room for food, you bet I'm too tired to be fooling around with anyone in some random city at 2am.

The secret to making a relationship with a flight attendant work, is putting in the effort. Just like you would with any other person. Like a pianist, or a ditch-digger, or a self employed mortician. If you don't at least try, you will never know. And trust me the rewards will be limitless. You will have access to our travel passes when we determine it is appropriate , a wealth of worldly information, and most importantly you'll be dating one of the most well culutured individuals you will ever meet.

Conversation will never run dry, and we always have new stories about some adventure on our last trip. I'm not saying it will be all rainbows and butterflies, because when we come home from a trip, especially a three or four day with all-nighters, redeyes, and day-overs, we are going to be extremely irritable and cranky.

And at that point, it is probably best to give us some space, as we definitely need our "fourteen hours legal rest. So while a relationship with a flight attendant is hard, like I said, a relationship with anyone who works is hard. If you want something easy, find some one who doesn't work. And then re-evaluate your life morals.

And then comment here how that went. But back to Mr. Williams, and what he said. It makes sense that in a world where many of us are lonely, it would be selfish to be lonely alone. You are harming yourself by carrying all of that negative energy. Let the bitterness go… for your own benefit. The person who criticized you is probably having a great time without giving you a second thought, while you waste your life sending them death rays with your mind. No one else got your memo about the way things should be done, how they should treat you, or how to live their lives by your standards and beliefs.

People often get angry because someone violates their deeply-held ideals. Yet, trying to do an impossible task — getting everyone to live by your idea of perfection — is bound to create a lot of frustration. Simply take people as they are and appreciate the colorful spectrum of ideas and viewpoints, instead of feeling exasperated by them. Most people play the internal comparison game. However, this is only one small area of life. Maybe I can ride horses or sing better than him?

Looking at only a small fraction of a whole person and ranking that part against yourself is a pointless activity. You are so much more than this one piece of your life that you have under the microscope at the moment. This habit will only create discontent in your life. Are you a better person than you were yesterday? Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within.

Having lofty goals are great. But when you tie your happiness to future successes that may or may not happen, you never find joy in the life you live today. Your perception becomes your reality.

Instead, choose to focus on the best in people, the brighter moments, and the beauty and blessings surrounding you. The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.

We are naturally social creatures and nurturing relationships makes up a large part of life. If you find yourself alone and depressed on a Saturday night, make an effort to change it. Finding friendships will certainly improve your enthusiasm for what each day brings. How do you find good friends? Seek out social settings with people who share similar interests and beliefs to build a common foundation and launch a great relationship.

Smile, reach out, and be genuinely interested in others. You will be surprised how far this will get you in building life-long connections. Think about how you would feel if tomorrow was your last day to breathe. Would you really want to make more money, or would your focus turn to connecting with people or having certain experiences?

If you live by your values, you will find more fulfillment than materialism could ever bring. And this Motivation Engine will help you figure out the values that are truly important to you.

We all lose our focus at times. However, keeping your activities aligned with your values is helpful in keeping a positive perspective.

One good exercise is to list your values and rank them by their importance to you. Then, see how many of your daily activities actually align with your values. Is there a disconnect? If so, what can you do to change it? But still, the best thing to do is to understand how to prioritize your life and do what matters to you most. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around.

If your friends are constant sources of negativity in your life, it may be time to find more positive people. So many people have subscribed to the lie that their life purpose is to make it to the weekend. No wonder there are so many miserable clock punchers in the world! Instead of existing, find a way to start living!

Find your passion and purpose and pursue them, despite the fact that it may turn the mundane inside out and terrify you. Many people become the product of their pasts.

They are the causalities of regret, sorrow, what ifs, and hindsight vision. While we can all learn from our past, staying there is not practical to living in the present. To constantly dwell on it does not create an emotionally healthy outlook. Find as much joy in the adventure as in obtaining the end goal. Since this may or may not happen, why limit yourself when you can find just as much happiness in the quest as in the destination?

How you value fitness, healthy eating, stress reduction, and sleeping all impact how much happiness you feel. Emotions are linked to many physical properties in your body. The mind — body connection is very real, and often just adding exercise, sunshine, extra shut-eye, or a healthier diet can improve your mood immediately. There are three main types of perfectionism:. Self perfectionism — where you expect perfection from yourself; social perfectionism — where you believe others expect you to be perfect; and other perfectionism — where you expect others to be perfect.

Being perfect is an unrealistic goal for you to place on yourself or others. Constantly falling short of the unattainable will continuously keep you blue. Some people are so afraid of making a mistake that they never try. Just imagine how that would have worked out when you were learning to walk! Unfortunately, we sometimes lose our bravery as adults and fear trying anything because it may not work. If you embrace this mindset, you will never live up to your potential.

This can create a huge dissatisfaction in your life. Growth happens outside of our comfort zones. If you are too insecure to move out from the familiar, you will never know the joy of conquering your fears and finding your wings. After all, a bird has to eventually jump to discover he can fly. Too much debt can cause stress, broken relationships, and financial hardships.

Working out a plan to get out from under pain of payments can often bring peace of mind. Most people regret the relationships that were neglected in pursuit of things that suddenly lost their importance. Their love is more valuable than anything else in the end. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: Procrastination is an endless spiral into frustration.

The more you do it, the heavier your load. Eventually the stress gets too heavy. You should finish projects and drop those rocks so you stay light and able to maneuver through your day without dragging 20 other projects you have put off behind you.

Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Learning new things brings joy in the discovery of growth. You will find that the excitement of learning brings you extra spring. The ghosts of dead dreams can haunt us. Fortunately, you can always breathe new life into your vision by finding the courage to follow new and exciting possibilities. Avoiding boredom is one of our most important purposes. Many people go through life unchallenged, and this can lead to boredom.

After all, technological conveniences, safety regulations, and the ease of modern living can often take the adventure out of life. Some people get stuck in a rut, and become dull without the rough stuff to sharpen things up a bit.

There are many ways to still find the wild in your life. You just have to make it a goal to do things that scare you enough and wake you up to the amazing life adventures available to you. If you are spending your time being busy instead of being focused on the things that make you feel alive, you will find happiness an elusive pursuit. Take a moment and read this because you might be too busy doing nothing in your life. People who suffer from insomnia have a fold chance of developing depression compared with those who sleep well.

Your mental mojo will thank you! Instead of just letting things happen to you and trying to keep up, create your own future by setting goals and following through on them. One of the greatest joys in life is seeing a goal come to fruition. While it may be easier to depend on others, becoming independent is one of the hallmarks of adulthood. Those that cling to others with no plan to break free often struggle with self-esteem.

Happiness is something everyone should experience. Give yourself permission to find your happy place. If you are someone who is always one step away from being satisfied, this may be hurting your chances for happiness.

If everything is just out of reach, you will never experience the fun you can have in every moment given to you. If there is always something you need to fill up your life, when will this end?

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Your mental and physical health will improve dramatically if you learn to take time to rest and rejuvenate. After all, the time will pass either way; you can choose to be calm and take your time to make the best decision, or you can make a hasty turn that takes you down a much worse road. Until next time, XOXO. Since this may or may not happen, why limit yourself when you can find just as much happiness in the quest as in the destination? Perhaps they are dating the pilot whose flying the plane. However, many flight attendants I fly with are still not married. But come to think about it, having a relationship with all of you who are not flight attendants is actually in reality, way harder.
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