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Find More Posts by BWinc. Whether you are a professional contractor scottish swinger do it yourself homeowner, we have a wide range of hardware, household and building products that will be sure to meet your needs. Max and 99 escort smartsite mirror spy students Zukor, Dimitri and Grillak for their special weapons class. Skip to main content. This escort smartsite mirror me to another look at a Get Smart collectible. Max and 99 keep their eye on Dominican escort review
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Ask Brian: My boyfriend got drunk and arrested and then told me.

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Present or Past Members of the Police Force, District Constables, Employees of the Ministry with responsibility for the Police, Employees of the Credit Union and their families mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, children, grandchild ren and grandparents.

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Whether you are a professional contractor or do it yourself homeowner, we have a wide range of hardware, household and building products that will be sure to meet your needs. Parking is available at our location. For your convenience, we are opened seven days per week, 7: If you are looking for affordable prices and convenience then Smart Choice Hardware is the place for you. An intact game includes a game board, a time bomb, 16 cards that assemble to form four Kaos agents, dice and four game movers in the shape of a tiny fedora wearing man.

The mover is supposed to represent Maxwell Smart as up to four people can play the game, each being a competing Maxwell Smart. The box lid was illustrated by Ralph Pereida — except for the photograph of Max that was printed over it. Pereida authored a handful of drawing how-to books for the Grumbacher Art Library Series.

I should have been familiar with those as my dad had a bunch of Grumbacher books from an art class he took. Sadly my time bomb game is missing one key component — the time bomb. Original Get Smart toys cost a pretty penny and when they do come up for auction on Ebay which is ever so rarely the bidding turns into all out war.

I won this item on Ebay shortly after the Sept. Everything was weird and awful then. Commerce was moving understandably slow. A week after Sept.

When I opened up the Exploding Time Bomb Game, I found a small game board that resembled a treasure map and some tiny cardboard scraps with writing on them. I shrugged, threw it back in the box and left it sit for the last 14 years.

When I went to work on this blog, I found that random game board again and I took a closer look at it. My eyes zeroed in on two words at the bottom of the board: So this discovery merited more investigation on my part.

Its proper birth date is when Jacob Beiger purchased a wooden mill built in The Ball-Band name came from the red ball added the black rubber band that ran around the top of their signature knit boot.

Among the variety of footwear produced were Red Ball Jets, a canvas rubber soled sneaker that was treated as the Air Jordan of its day. They were kind of like a pair of Chucks. Sadly these shoes no longer exist. In Uniroyal became the parent company of Ball-Band. The company stopped making footwear and dissolved Mishawaka Woolen and Rubber Company in The plant closed in There, now some of us have learned something new and a 50 year old GS collectible has proved to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Inside the box - some of my Kaos agents are missing. A close up of inside the box. The multi-colored game movers. Episode Six Washington 4, Indians 3 original air date: Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso Producer: Chief Red Cloud issues an ultimatum to the United States: Max reluctantly follows 99's instructions.

White Cloud was not impressed. There are a couple themes in this episode to note. The idea of this episode seems ridiculous, but in the end it tries to make a point.

In the process, he manages to wake up the Joint Chiefs of Staff -except for the Marine Corps general who has three weeks of leave. The military leaders had a few ideas on the matter — namely saturation bombing of Arizona.

They also mulled giving the country back to the tribe — or at least offering them New Jersey. What I do find interesting about that scene is that while the generals are still buttoning their coats, the admiral is decked out in the uniform for a formal evening event. Perhaps the night was still young for him. Depending on which syndicated version you watched, parts of this episode ended up being cut — most notably the bit about the giant arrow landing in the west wing of the White House.

GS had a habit of subtly touching on social issues, hence the conversation Max had when he tried to talk Red Cloud out of launching the massive arrow: In other matters, this episode is considered to be the point where we see that 99 has a crush on Max.

Although, every previous episode had the pair experience a failed kiss attempt. Also, there were already moments where 99 has slid up to Max and engaged in a bit of eye-batting and such. Certainly 99 is not amused at the situation and when Max asks how to woo White Cloud, she instructs him to kiss the girl on the elbow. Then she glares at White Cloud. This episode also gives us a New Jersey joke.

He went on to have parts in such movies as Ace Ventura: He was also known as a writer and lecturer on Indian religions. And… he too was in a handful of Mission Impossible episodes.

Max spends a bit of time dwelling on the fact that everyone had three weeks of vacation but him. Agent 43 and mentioned: Forsythe, Harrison and Saunders. Yes, that's Robert Karvelas doing an uncredited photobomb behind Red Cloud. Ehrlich — Joseph Ruskin, Dr. Arne Sultan and Marvin Worth Producer: Kaos allegedly abducts Invisibility Ray inventor Dr. Carl Haskell and tries to convince Max that the device is real -and the U.

This episode initially comes off as absurd. After all, the poor guy can make a fool out of himself easy enough on his own. Max, do you have something for a headache? You know Chief, you ought to go to the doctor. Only on occasions, Max. Those are the occasions. The devices work well during their trial run for the Chief. However, not all of them operate as needed when Max is trying to dispose of Ehrlich.

The Sleeping-Gas Chair is the gag saved for last. In the process of demonstrating the device, Max manages to gas himself and What happened afterward is up to the imagination. I think we can make it to the door. And for all the spy fans, he appeared in several Mission Impossible episodes. Episode Four Our Man in Toyland original air date: Control fills Bowers Department Store to the brim with agents to uncover how Kaos is sending secret information.

Bunny, Gorcheck and Frieda plot on how to properly "liquidate" 86 and Referred to as Herr Bunny see what they did there? Apparently Bowers offers a wide array of toy fire arms from ball shooting bazookas to a flying toy bomb that belches out a stash of trinkets when it explodes.

At the end of the fight, the charred and singed Herr Bunny bears more of resemblance to Wile E. In the midst of defending themselves with the toys, 86 and 99 seem to be having fun with it — or are Adams and Feldon?

After Max sprays Bunny with a water pistol, they both run off hiding the smirks forming on their faces. Max, you were wonderful! No 99, the real credit belongs to these toys. After all, we had at our disposal every fiendish and destructive play thing ever devised for the pleasure of little children.

These poor devils, all they had were real guns and bullets. While the toy war may get the most attention, there are a number of other funny moments in the episode. Max goes to investigate a package that was delivered at Linden St. Larabee in the later seasons, shows up. You can see him at the end of the episode when he tags along with the Chief to apprehend Bunny, Gorcheck and Frieda. Children of the 80s will remember him as Grandpa in Gimme a Break!

In he defeated Max Baer in the first televised prize fight. She also appeared in the movie Fitzwillly which starred Barbara Feldon. At a critical moment, 99 moves for a kiss, but Max urges complete silence. He then proceeds to make a racket by hitting a piano.

Hodgkins, Fang, Agent 12 Santa , Agent 53 hidden in mirror , Agent 25, disguised as a mannequin , server in restaurant, agent hidden in food cart, Larabee. Bowers Department Store, unnamed fancy restaurant where the Chief is dining.

Max checks in with Agent 12 who is disguised as a department store Santa. Episode Three School Days original air date: Max uses the alias of new recruit Alexander Loomis while 99 works undercover as an instructor.

Even Fang, aka Morris in this episode, shows up for a refresher course. In the process, Max almost gets killed and nearly flunks his weapons class. Max and 99 try to sneak a kiss before embarking on a dangerous part of the mission. Max is probably living the nightmare in this episode. He he also fails at his attempts to expose which new Control recruit is the impostor.

Spy students Grillak, Dimitri and Zukor all come off as completely shady creepers. This episode, by the way, is a character actor carnival — and a few of these guys will show up in other roles later in the series. To cap it off, he and 99 find themselves tied to a bunch of dynamite with only Fang as their savior. Green the password and she directs him to the house next door.

Without security, none of us would be safe. No, this is the spy school. Larabee in the later seasons, appears as one of the pool-side disguised agents. He had roles in many TV shows and movies, including McLintock! Fu Manchu in Drums of Fu Manchu. After a hiatus in episode two, Mr.

They just miss kissing twice: Once at the beginning of the episode — only to be interrupted by Fang and as Max is trying to expose the Kaos agent and put together the machine pistol -until Gainesborough starts shooting at them.

Milk man; Man with briefcase; Watson, dean of the training school; and Grillak, Dimitri and Zukor — if they graduated. Max and 99 join spy students Zukor, Dimitri and Grillak for their special weapons class.

He soon finds out that the freckle-faced teenager he remembers is now a partying blonde bombshell. The Claw also apologizes for kidnapping the wrong girls. Smart, all Americans look alike to us. This is a trait that will appear in other first season episodes and this early in the series tends to come off as a bit cartoonish. Still, it has its moments — like in one scene where Max asks 99 for advice on how to handle the princess.

What can we do to stop her?

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This episode, by the way, is a character actor carnival — and a few of these guys will show up in other roles later in the series. Max and 99 succumb to the effects of the Sleeping-Gas Chair. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab some snacks. This appears to be some sort of promotional material sent to book sellers. Two, it was on this particular vacation that I purchased the GS Handbook.
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