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Did Gay male escort riverside mention this girl is my third long term emotional affair in 14 years of marriage My girlfriend is a sex worker, and I love her deeply. We talk about everything and that helps me cope. You have never trusted her due to insecurity and she gave you reason to not my girlfriend is an escort her. Thank you for this!
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Follow 2 Follow 3 Oh man that's terrible Follow 4 Original post by JokesOnYoo Did she think she looked like a slut? Follow 5 Original post by goggleyed Oh man that's terrible Follow 6 Original post by Anonymous Is this in regard to your thread wanting to know if the girl you like is a slut? Because if so, then no Follow 7 Original post by JokesOnYoo Picture of her?

Follow 8 This is a terrible situation and I really feel for you man. No one wants to hear things like this and no matter what advice people give you, you alone have to make some very difficult decisions but you need a clear head to do so. You need some time to work out what to do from here. Since she has clearly blocked you it's difficult to sort anything out.

As you both have a place together that needs to be sorted out soon. One of you needs to move out as it would be impossible to both live together considering the situation.

Some time apart from her will allow you to see where you want to go from here. Of course she has a story to tell about why she does work as an escort but in any relationship there needs to be honesty and trust which has clearly been eroded. This lack of honesty and trust could affect future relationships which I worry about.

This situation is not your fault so don't look at it that way. Yes you could get back with her 'if' things changed but you both need to talk through a lot of things and right now I don't think that is the best thing to do. Any talk with her now is likely to be angry and emotional which often gives bad results. One thing you do need to do is get tested for STD's. I wish you all the best in whatever decisions you make from here.

Last edited by sumo73; at Follow 9 Original post by Anonymous My head is all over the place right now and I feel like jumping out a window. I guess I am venting and trying to organise my thoughts, but I would also greatly appreciate any thoughts that are to be offered on what I should do and how I can compose myself.

Follow 10 Original post by Jang Gwangnam date for a year at most then decide whether to dump or find another more suitable candidate for marriage - since that's what having a girlfriend means. Follow 11 Original post by Anonymous I havn't heard from her since then, and I am in pure emotional agony right now.

Follow 12 You dumped a porn star? Posted on the TSR App. Download from Apple or Google Play. Follow 13 Follow 14 Original post by Wilfred Little Why are you angry at the men and not her?

She is supposed to be your girlfriend. Have the men even done anything wrong? Follow 15 Original post by UWS I've actually noticed this a lot with people.

Happens a lot with people and their cheating partners too, they get angry at the other person and not their partner. The root problem lies with the girlfriend and her profession. Something OP will have to discuss over. Follow 16 Follow 17 I'm so sorry, this is horrible. I echo Sumo's post, you need to make decisions.

If you can talk to her at any point, it may help with your personal closure to find out why she did this. It's up to you if you decide to forgive her, but personally I don't think staying together is a good idea. The fact she hung up on you when you found out and can quite happily deceive you really isn't a situation that will easily patch up.

As for the guys But I imagine none of them had any clue what she was doing and, to be fair, they're terrible if they did but they wouldn't have been doing it if she didn't give them the chance. She is at fault for deceiving you, and your anger at the idea of other men being with her is understandable but misguided towards the men instead of at her.

Figure out whether you want to stay or leave, be firm with her if you want to leave and don't let her worm her way back. Things like this will irreparably ruin your trust in that person, possibly in general, and you don't need that.

You deserve someone who loves you wholly. Also, this has crushed my self-esteem. I am a great looking, kind hearted, caring guy who treats her with respect, and now I feel somehow really bad about myself. Can anyone offer me anything? I have had two girlfriends who were escorts before I met them as escorts. After a while, they used my friendship and support to stop being escorts for a while.

One of them I am no longer with is back to being an escort. The other is pretty surely not an escort anymore, but she has moved in with another guy and will not tell me, she pretends to continue to live at her grandfathers house. And her being an escort continued a lot futher into our being an escort than she admits.

It is certainly possible for girls to get out of being an escort, and maybe if she has remorse for the risk she was putting herself at, she might stick with giving it up. My current girlfriend used to tell me she didn't give up being an escort for me, she did it for her son. But now that she can't get her son back, guardianship has been given to an aunt who has been raising him for two or three years while she was in jail which she got out of two or so years ago , she has recently told me that she got out of being an escort because I asked her to, I was the only one to ask her this.

But I know she is living with another guy. According to her brother, she setup an arrangement of convenience with him, to have a good looking situation to get her son back.

But now that hope is gone, she continues to live with him. And eventhough the other day she says that she is not "fibbing" to me anymore, this morning the lie about living in her grandfather's house was twice part of her story she told me about a problem that happened with a friend yesterday. She has recently been talking about looking for an apartment for us, but on a day when she said she was doing that, I am pretty sure she did not have any time to do so.

The biggest issues that the escort life causes are: My girlfriend loves to get a rise out of people and all the time makes jokes like: She always tells me to relax. She recently confessed to having someone else who she said she tells all about me, but she stopped short of confessing everything, and went back to telling me I am number one in her life, dont worry, etc. If I were you, I would look very carefully at honesty issues.

Otherwise you need to have a philosophy like "Well, she is really taking care of my needs, I can't worry too much about what else she is doing in her life.

If you have ever thought of her as a pathological liar, listen to your gut instincts. The gals who have been in this, money is a big draw.

I can't support my girl as well as she had in the life, but she did seem to get disgusted with the life. She says she is trying hard to get her budget under control, she used to be a very compulsive shopper, especially Macy's.

But she has made progress on this, and she is always asking me to reinforce her progress She still wont tell me where she lives, and it is hell knowing every night she goes home to live with some other guy, but maybe they are just housemates, she really does need a lot of support from me, and it doesn't seem like she is getting support from anywhere else But then again, maybe he is mainly supporting her weed and alcohol habit Another behaviour common is when I've had bad feelings on things and checked up on things, I get blamed for being sneaky for uncovering her lies.

So anyhow, long and short is, look carefully at the honesty issue Did I mention this girl is my third long term emotional affair in 14 years of marriage I did confess, and am now under command to have no contact, but I have continued contact for months So what right do I have to expect any honesty? Good luck my friend Her selling her things, and cutting back on her lifestyle expenses is probably a very good sign, call girling would be an easy route to money she seems prepared to give up Cat N Mouse replied the topic: Anonymous replied the topic: Tonight I have found out that my ex fiancee who i have been with for 3 years was trying to become an escort girl..

I have no idee if she has succeeded.. This is my story.. Then half a year ago she broke up with me.. I have no idea what happened I couldnt believe what i was feeling.. I have found out that while she came regurarly to my house and told me she loved me but didnt want to have a relationship..

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Short enough for even a vaguely interested potential date to read, and thorough enough to make the worthy contenders follow through on said dates. I actually found this blog and that is amazing thing I enjoy reading this easy to understand stuff. But now that she can't get her son back, guardianship has been given to an aunt who has been raising him for two or three years while she was in jail which she got out of two or so years ago , she has recently told me that she got out of being an escort because I asked her to, I was the only one to ask her this. I'm curious what the advice would be for the sex worker to make a relationship work. What reason do you have for believing anything she says now? Oct 30, 4.