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You made it sound like there is just skinny barbie dolls on the one side and bbw on the other: You need to feel comfortable with the way you look and how you feel in that look. Part 2 details my first appointment. Many new players do not know that actually playing out scenes - escorts ont words to describe what is happening - is part of it. I haven't done it before either, but I have a lot of experience alberta dating service roleplaying, so I figured it shouldn't be too stripper and escort
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And when I'm not dancing I seem stripper and escort be. I'm a happy person, with a wide group of friends, interesting background (Italian brought up in Peckham), handy. Find love with LoveArts. Join for free today and let us match you with the cultured singles you're most likely to click escort in turkey in a safe, secure environment.

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I just assumed that this maybe why so many men fall for you and that the size isn't more realistic than any modellike shape read like: Not many women have a model shape, not many women have breasts of that size. They may not be my personal taste and I'm always ready to stand in for the advantages of smaller breasts I did not make it sound that way. You read it that way. I do not think it is the boobs alone. My experience in sl is that men in general prefer a bit of a chubbier shape over the ones that have the body fat slider at zero and the boobs pretty much maxed out.

An individual shape could be anything. It could be a shorter chubbier women with small breast. It could be a big breasted woman with short legs. It could be an athletic woman with long legs. It could be anything But again - the avatar is just one thing - and actually a minor thing in the big scheme of things. I think people like me because I am easy going, low drama, and I can write an good enjoyable role play scene.

In the end - that is what it is all about - to have some fun in sl, right? You don't have to point out that the roleplaypart is the more important one at the end of the day have some years of roleplayexperiance myself. Sure people will come back to you, if they experiance that you are nice, friendly, funny, talented and what else. But especially in the escort business a potential client doesn't know all that and has just the avatar and maybe the profile to make a choice.

And again, you are bashing on "Barbie avatars". I guess I stop here to explain it again I am not bashing on anything. I said that so many avatars have the same look - and seeing the same look in almost every female avatar is boring.

That is not bashing anything, that is my opinion. I think it is important to point out that role play is the most important part in being a good escort. This is after all a thread where a new player asked for advice on being an escort. Many new players do not know that actually playing out scenes - using words to describe what is happening - is part of it. I met quite a few new players who thought just poseball humping was it - that is what escorts did. So my advise to any new player who wants to be an escort is to learn how to role play - learn the basics - and then start with a low rate if you are still pretty inexperienced.

You seem awfully preoccupied with my big boobs - whats up with that? Are they that interesting to you? I see you are after work. As the first male to post a reply Start with a nice profile picture. Use it to promote yourself. Secondly, you are only a couple of weeks away from the 30 day mark. Find quiet, secluded out of the way places to take your customers. Can only agree with what the others have said.. Not just "Hey, I'm an escort, come see me.. You can get sex almost anywhere in SL and most times you don't even have to pay for it.

You want to make the client feel welcome I might also suggest that you find out the going rate for escorting. I don't know what it is, but if you're too high or too low, you may not get as many clients. I Accept young Avatars a lot of places refuse but everyone needs a Chance if no ones hires you you can't get experience.

My club does have a few poles I let freelancers use if you chose to go that direction aswell. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up. General Discussion Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted October 1, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 2, It's my opinion that answers should be truthful and helpful to those who are asking. This is seriously funny and highly highly doubtful.

Hi AdrianLynn, You can get a nice ava for around L. Good Luck and enjoy your SL! Certainly is just as yours LOL. No I don't know what THEY whoever they are say about opinions, We are all entitled to them and all entitled to comment on anothers Posted October 3, Posted October 6, Hello Syo, the bbw thing was an example! Do you know what an example is? Posted October 7, Posted October 15, To me a stripper just put themselves out there for anyone to see…. Offer half hour and hour prices….

If your pretty and take care of your body there shouldn't be any reason why you should struggle. Should I Become An Escort.

I think you asked this before, maybe not. An escort will make you more money than you can count. A stripper is grunt no sexual innuendo work. An escort works every week if she is good. An escort will be with her customer maybe three hours, depending.

A stripper has to work nights in a smelly, noisy place with obnoxious drunks. To be an escort you have to be beautiful and somewhat smart. A stripper, just a hot body. The escort business, you will last maybe three years. Of course, I am going to be honest, you are a high paid hooker as an escort. If you are good in bed, or can pretend to be good in bed, you will do just great.

Of course prostitution is illegal, but escorts get around it. When they hire you they will explain what you are to do and how to do it. How do I know all this? I am writing a murder mystery and have been doing research on the profession. A good escort makes more than pounds an hour. Of course if you are bisexual you can make more money. Successful women now are using escort services more than ever for their sexual fantasies. For all this info I will expect a free "service.

I would move to London. I am a writer with an agent and educated and done research on all this. Stripping may appear safer as you're on view to a lot of people and, maybe, the tips are good but as an escort the money may be a safer bet and if you work through an agency there are guarantees of regular calls both in an out, provided you pass the interview, and you will have security supervision. You may have to relocate. There are many women who do this. It is a profession but not one you should consider if you cannot cut off the Personal aspects of your clients.

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Posted October 20, Stripping is much safer, because you have bodyguards at the establishments protecting you. I suggest you find a Truly important profession which you will enjoy ,as many woman and men in this field have little self esteem. First, an individual look doesn't mean more fat on the hips. I had about a week to plan everything. And to the boobs: The industry's constant search for new faces and fresh performers creates what sociologist Paul Cressey has called "the retrogressive dynamic":
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