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Mmf threesome, This is the true story of how mine and my girlfriends mmf threesome fantasy became a reality. Id worked … Read more. Everything is swingers free erotic stories, all will… Read more Situation Changes We are a couple. It was a young white couple who wanted to the wife to have a sexual encounter with a large and well hung black captain69 escort review and that the husband wanted to watch and be treated like a slave. Ago before I met my wife.
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Been together 5 years. I thought everything was going well. Jill is 31 and I am 35 so plenty of time. Our sex life is very good. We would fuck most days and on the weekend maybe even twice. She cums when we fuck. I have been around enough to k… Read more. Threesome This happened about 35 years. Ago before I met my wife. I was with a slim 18 year old girl I had been fucking for about a year. Saturday was football day and me and my mates met up every other week for a beer before the match and after the match we all went our pub crawling the Kings road.

My girlfriend and her mates use to go out clubbing and my girlfriend would come back to mine at 1 in the morning. This time she bought her friend. It alwa… Read more. Making YOU cum when you read it You know who you are After chatting with me on SH for a few days you were still too nervous to meet. You said you'd read my 'stories' on here and they always made you hard. Even in 'whispers' you were still too shy to fully explain what you wanted, so I suggested you message me your Fantasy ideas and I'd make them 'more real' for you.

Your first was that you'd like a hot guy to strip for you and let you fondle him like the gay porn you'd been watching, no one spea… Read more.

I had been very single for a while so I decided to join a very well known singles dating site. Short notice threesum I suspect that like most solo guys on here, it can be very hit than miss.

I've always found it pays to plan well and let things run their own course. I'm somewhere between a builder and a handyman, and have used this as a way in to help guys fulfil their fantasy of watching they partner with another fella. It usually takes time, weeks or months, before plans come to fruition. However on Saturday it was the polar opposite.

I was work… Read more. Something we had always fantasized about became reality, being honest, it was too rushed and not very well thought through. The idea of watching my wife sleep with another guy when we are drunk is not the same in the cold light of day. All of the ideas that we had, simply blew away the min… Read more. And a friend makes three. We have a friend called Jack who often helps us with DIY etc. Jack has been retired about 8 years and widowed for about 5 years. He keeps himself fit and is quite muscular for his age which is probably late sixties.

Personally I think he likes coming to our house as he gets to spend time with my wife, who is very attractive and h… Read more. The first time I shared my Asian wife This is an edited re- post of the very first time I shared my 1st Thai wife. Her tits were 36 B and on such a small slim sexy body made heads turn wherever we went.

My business involved travelling and living in various countries for 3 months to about a year at a time so I would take my new wife with me. We had been … Read more. My sauna visit I've been curious since I was a teen ,but apart from porn have never acted on it. I was nervous as hell but in i went. I left there and went to… Read more. Everyones been on a first date, but how do they turn out First dates can go either way, well I guess they can go more than two ways.

They can go well, they can be…well not so well. You can part as friends, but you can also have crazy adventures that keep you awake all night, wondering what the hell happened and also how the second date would go? If there was one? Thats how my most recent date went with…well lets just call her Angel.

No sense giving her real name out there is there. Id worked … Read more. Well only last week we finally met up again and continued where we had left off. I had to go across to Annes house to again help her with some stuff she wanted moving and again i told the wife that there was no need for her to come over as i was hoping that we would get down to something.

I wasnt wrong because as i entered the house Anne was wait… Read more. At their home After a few exchanges via a swingers site I arranged to visit a couple at their home- they lived near Bletchley in the Milton Keynes area.

I was just a mid twenties guy looking for some fun and after a few late night chats agreed to go to their house one Friday evening. The wife and I have a good fuck at least once a week and she fairly open minded. One evening during the hot weather this summer we went for a long walk near where we live in County Durham. Is was about 9: Hopefully, this mixture of fact and a little scene I was going to suggest we act out will do it.

Me and Polly had known each other for years and were both married just not to each other and now, after a week of… Read more. Sub bottom Hi all I have been reading the stories on here for some time so thought I would share one of my own, which happened to me three weeks ago.

As background I am 52 and have been married for 20 years. I have always had a bi side but never started exploring it until about 10 years ago when I started meeting tgirls.

As this progressed I started realising I liked the feel of cock and even though I am top with … Read more. Edged, dildo'd, drained When he'd left that afternoon, see Workman Cock 2 I spent an hour thinking about what would happen when he returned that evening.

I stripped off, sat on the sofa slowly stroking my cock, touching my body, pinching my nipples, squeezing my balls, watching porn and thought about his body and how I'd use it Asked to be father of the bride I'll keep this short, as my head is still spinning from the scenarios and I need to prepare a Father of the Bride speech which will be interesting to say the least.

Many years ago about 20ish , one night I licked a sexy ladies pussy and she kissed my cock, I was in my late 20's at the time and she was Nothing more came of it, as she was on a break from her longtime boyfriend!

Needless to say, I would have had no problems starting a rel… Read more. Fingered by a car salesman Hi everyone My name is Melanie and I would like to share my story with you. I am 38, 5ft 5 and a size 12 with 34b boobs and shoulder length straight dark brown hair. Mother and Son Swinging Sex Ch. Bourne Hotwives Club Naked divorcee, neighborly husband.

Nude Weekend - Saturday Night Sharon's adventures continue, this time with anal. Swingers - Emma and Noah Ch. Back Seat Banging Fun in the back seat of a moving car. Sea Swing Two couples engage in a full swing while boating.

Marlene and Tiffany A wife and her cousin seduce her husband. The First Swingers Party The first swingers party was 'different'. Severely Testing Her Limits Pt. Bella's First Party Bella had never experienced a sex party That was until Rob.

Neighborhood Association Swing Conservative couple discover the swingers across the street. Our New Friends Pt. Living Life to the Maxx Pt. Kathy Walking the dog and dogging the walker. Accidental Hotel Hook-up Hot wife and friend unintentionally pickup two strangers. Some Small Consolation She thought she might make it up to him. Learning to Let Go Pt. A Night of Dancing Jeff and Susan take me out dancing. Photos for My Husband My wife's best friend helps her with some photos for me.

Staying Warm Four friends stay warm in a snow storm The Art of Seduction Hotwife couple embrace their true desires. Blackout Valentines Day Orgy Wife has secret fantasy fulfilled when she least suspects it. Game of Phones Two Couples. The Castle Cassie endures anal. Afterwards, she is flown to an orgy. Empty Nest Escapades Ch.

The Watchers Kat gets wild for an audience. Separate tags with commas.

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I am 38, 5ft 5 and a size 12 with 34b boobs and shoulder length straight dark brown hair. Hopefully, this mixture of fact and a little scene I was going to suggest we act out will do it. Copyright Juicy Sex Stories - Duck Hunt A married couple's trip to a strip club takes some turns. We are very close to another couple Lynda and Clive… Read more. Yes Mistress When the threesome is double-booked